The Nautical

 Rate: $119 - $169. Rate plus taxes. Prices subject to change without notice.
Navigate your way into a great getaway now with a king bed! Cast your line and anchor your thoughts in this themed suite that awaits your Great Lakes discovery. Many items in this handicapped suite are from Great Lakes lighthouses or area locales having to do with lake travel. Enjoy a cup of morning coffee at private chairs and table on a huge deck just outside your door overlooking beautiful Lake Michigan, our backyard. Here is a great place to be your own castaway!  Looking for more space? The Nautical adjoins to Classic Music, want more space? Classic Music adjoins to Hollywood - YES, three suites can be available!

 Something new - a pricing range that reflects peak and off-peak rates to provide you with the best choice and price for when you want to stay with us. Click into the calendar to know which dates are priced accordingly. 

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